Learn more about the East End Hospitality Team

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Kitchen and Menu Consulting by Chef Alex Bujoreanu

Executive Chef Alex Bujoreanu has successfully opened multiple locations across the globe as a Head Chef, partner, and consultant. Create a standard-setting menu that's right for your clientele.

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Wine and Bar Menu Consulting by Jessica Green

With years in the industry, sommelier Jessica Green will help your management create the bar and wine menus that perfectly suit and complement your cuisine.

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Marketing Consulting & Social Media Management by Isobel Media

Our sister company, Isobel Media, provides full creative agency marketing support to the hospitality industry including PR, graphic design, web design, social media management, and content creation/photography.

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Front of House Consulting by Rino Schiano

Is your establishment "missing something?" East End Hospitality veteran, Rino Schiano, has managed and owned myriad successful establishments and will help your team create your own success story.

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