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"true to Spanish tradition...high marks"


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“Viaggio is true to Spanish tradition…high marks”


“THREE STARS for Coral Tapas & Wine Bar”
“One of the 10 Best Restaurants for Fine Dining on Long Island”


“Coral Restaurant offers an authentic taste of Spain”


“THREE AND A HALF STARS for Viaggio Tapas”


About the Chef

Alex Bujoreanu began his career in the hospitality industry some 20 years ago while studying at the school of hospitality and tourism in Lleida, Spain.

Inspired by his upbringing, Bujoreanu seeks to introduce tapas style dining to the rest of the world. Known well in Europe, but just newly introduced to the North American continent, tapas dining involves the sharing of several plates meant to inspire conversation and an experience of new tastes. “Tapas are an old style, familial way of sharing food. There is a balance to the meal with multiple dishes and contrast between them, and in the same moment, it is an old, familiar, European style of eating at home. The door was always open, friends and family were always in my house sharing several dishes together; this is how I grew up.”

After working in fine dining establishments in Spain, Sweden, and Italy, Bujoreanu relocated to New York City, working at the Soho location of Boqueria Restaurant. Since this career defining move, Bujoreanu has opened four of his own locations from the Gold Coast to the Empire State. Viaggio, Toro, Coral, and Bota Tapas have furthered the introduction of tapas style dining to new regions with high praise from the public and press, including the New York Times who called Bujoreanu’s menu a “hands-down winner.”

But he will not stop there. Bujoreanu sets his sights on several more US locations before moving on to the next continent: Asia. “For me, a life without creativity is a slow death. I must create. I will only stop when I cannot work anymore.”

Experience Tapas On The East or West Coast

R.AIRE at The Hampton Maid

Coral Tapas & Wine Bar

Coral Tapas & Wine Bar. East Moriches, NY

Bota Tapas & Paella Bar

Bota Tapas & Paella Bar